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ATG: Explaining the Why for Results

Ben Patrick, [13/04/2023 19:06]

We live in a world of “no knees over toes” and “no full knee bend” without explanation from trainers. I watched it dozens of times. We are on the FOREFRONT explaining WHY that MATTERS.

ATG has gone to greater lengths of APPLICABLE why on knee, lower leg, back, etc., than what existed broadly prior.

We made it BECAUSE OF THE WHY. Know enough to get RESULTS. Clients will vary in terms of how much they want to know.

Ask me anything. I don’t do anything blindly. I’ll tell you why. No use in a theoretical question. I made ATG and I’ll face up to anything fired my way. 🫡

Any questions? Use the @ button and my name. This makes it so I get a notification. I always answer.🫡

@TheATGClinician has extensive articles all about the why.

@keegancoach and Ben Clarfield can face up to any questions as well.

1. Results

2. Personal Touch

3. Exchange in Abundance

The 3 reasons ATG was made. So we go in that order.

I’ve had clients who don’t want to know a thing. They played hoops. They had knee surgery. They saw me change. They had never seen that anywhere before. They copied what I did. Same result. Infinite gratitude. No why other than seeing it…

Meanwhile I’ve had to prepare the most precise WHY on knee in every form. Short video, long video, article, studies cited, podcast, history, you name it.

I’ve taken the bullets from every angle. I had the same results before digging for studies, but did that to satisfy certain clients. 👍

ATG doesn’t know everything but we know enough for 1-2-3 and we never stop trying to improve. 🙏

World would be a different place if every group operated like this to serve people as the primary focus. Absolutely incredible people in here.

I think we can feel that when we meet up in person.

For me that was eye opening. “Oh wow, there’s a lot of people who have the same instincts about life.” So cool.

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