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ATG's Impact on Athletes' Vertical Jump

Joshua Sargeant, [01/12/2022 21:54]

How much of an increase are you seeing over time in your athletes vertical jump using ATG? I recently tested my basketball players who I started with zero(+ a classic S&C program) in July and I saw a 3 and 4 inch difference. I realize ATG is so much my more than just the athletes vertical but what are you guys seeing?

Ben Patrick, [01/12/2022 22:07]

Joshua that’s amazing. I think it involves a few factors:

1. How bad are the knees… Worse the knees, more change someone will see. For me 19 to 42.5. But even with normal knees maybe I’d have naturally had a 28 to 30 inch max vertical.

2. Genetics a huge factor in the upper limits simply because of how strength develops. So this is why I think for me to keep seeing new max increases my squat with chains has to increase

3. Jump balance

2022 was first year I could do a basic dribble in and dunk two hands off my right leg. No practice of it. Just I guess my body getting more all-around capable. So jump balance vs max jump two different subjects. But there’s no doubt the top 2 things ATG became known for have been:

1. Knee success

2. Dunking

It seems 6+ inches over 2-3 years is to be expected for someone who trains traditionally but this would halt eventually by the maximum strength.

And the 4th factor is the art of jumping. If someone can stay healthy, then theoretically a weekly jump session with intent can continue to provide increase of max jump because jumping is so much force in itself.

So to maximize all factors you would strengthen all key zones of knee ability, trying to increase full squat with chains from year to year, while doing a weekly jump session with intent. As simple as that sounds, ATG is the first such programming for vertical jump.

Jump Program is on the app and full theory behind it in this article, for anyone curious:

When people visit ATG it’s one of the most startling things. Our whole staff has turned into dunking machines.

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