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ATG and HIIT Circuits for Fitness

Megan Starling, [03/06/2023 17:37]

ATG and HIIT circuits… could that be a thing in any capacity? Anyone wanna brainstorm this with me?

Ben Patrick, [03/06/2023 19:34]

Megan best I’ve used is:

1. Sled

2. ATG Basic

3. ATG Basic

4. ATG Basic

Repeat 3-4 rounds. Example:

1. Sled

2. Split squat

3. Seated GM

4. Pull up

This is a very very basic and random example.

Point is you can get shredded, burn insane amounts of calories, and still get healing and mobility and performance gains, with Sled + ATG moves, too easy.

This was my group class format that exploded, and tons of people could come through and get amazing sessions in, all at their own levels on each exercise. The HARD sledding each round is a game changer. In 30-45 mins you can accomplish unreal results with Sled + ATG basics.

Megan 3x per week is good for most but you can and should vary the exercises, so there’s really no limit.

Megan reps vary by exercise, I usually used a safe zone. For example: a split squat could be 10 reps or it could be 5 reps with a 5 second pause. Reps vary by duration of rep. Each exercise was probably in the 30-45 second range per set. Low cable pull ins: 20 reps per set. Because they’re much faster per rep.

These are all considered basic ATG exercises and reps. So an experienced ATG Coach can easily think with how to do a group class and flow through exercises.

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