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ATG App as TrueCoach for Online Coaching

Ben Patrick, [15/07/2023 05:41]

ATG App as TrueCoach

Caleb (our app/web team chief) gave me briefing on a call today. He will start preparing a briefing he can show others this week. We would first test on a smaller number.

The idea of the ATG App originally was to design it with future potential of allowing ATG Coaches to use it for their own online coaching.

At this simplest level, someone could market their programs. Send us written program/protocol = we upload. Your life is easy. Get paid per user.

Ben Clarfield is a good example of this. All his protocols and programs he write could he sent right to us, and he could have an online coaching link, make extra money from clients who want to do his protocols but can’t train with him in person. That’s just an imaginary example. I don’t know the details of how he handles people reaching out for online coaching.

Another example @overthehillhooper could have his own Over The Hill Hooper online program, we do the form coaching, super high quality, he gets to market.

This is the simplest layer of the app we can roll out, because it’s identical to what I do. I market my own programs and the team services people with excellent care. We want to offer that to ATG Coaches looking to make a sizeable income from building a big social media audience. Same way I make my money with ATG Online.

Further layers would be more like using our exact app framework but not our coaching team, and you one-on-one constructing programs for clients at higher cost (than $49.50). That layer will take more coding than the first layer.

But it’ll all happen.

A few years ago our own app seemed like a fairytale.

My vision is ATG mirroring a successful action of CrossFit which @keegancoach helped me realize…

CrossFit made a bunch of superstars!

And I already can count 5 ATGers who went from zilch to 100,000+ followers!!!! That’s unreal!!!!

Just like me, those guys at that level wouldn’t be able to service every aspect of the amount of online clients they could generate, hence a team, app, etc., which take $100,000s to build, and we already built it.

We would just have to assess what it costs for our team to do their part, and then the ATG Coach/Beast/Superstar could very realistically build up 6-figure income off doing exactly what I do: make educational videos on social media that funnel to some of those millions of viewers doing my programs.

Broad education is a LEGIT job

Online coaching is a LEGIT job

One on one training in person is a LEGIT job

One on one training online is a LEGIT job

All life-changing stuff.

Some of you will end up selling 100,000s of books just like I have.

ATG is creating superstars at a shocking rate.

We have to have a route for those stars, which wasn’t taken into account.

The first stage of ATG as a TrueCoach would be to solve that issue. Give you the best possible app quality and service team and you just WRITE programs and broadly educate on social media like I do. Same job.

Stage 2 would be for one-on-one coaching online, which would take further coding than Stage 1.

And bear in mind, this is all a newer concept and we’ve already been well underway on, which is an Uber/AirBnB type site to make it so smooth for people to find and book a coach near them.

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