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ATG Back Squats with Chains/Bands for Big Squat Goal

Cole Hyde, [07/01/2023 18:09]

@Kneesovertoesguy I’m currently on the Standards program. Which day(s) do you recommend ATG back squats w/chains/bands? Have a big 2023 goal of a 2x BW ATG Squat that Ben always mentions is a worthwhile goal. Thanks in advance!

Ben Patrick, [07/01/2023 18:12]

For big squat goal I would suggest them on both leg days. Use other ATG leg work as accessory. Chains are so smooth, I’ve even seen more frequent squatting with them work well…

“Rocket Legs” is in my 2023 schedule to test chain squats 4 days per week. So that’s my hunch for someone who can do the Standards.

I plan to test 4 weeks of 4 days per week chain squats as an option for athletes in off season. Triple flexion becomes key accessory to keep up. Lacking calves and triple flexion was mistake in past when frequent squatting for athletic gain. (Squat = knee and hip extension, use accessory for the other 4 and you’re ahead of the game)

Probably 5 working sets on squats and 3 sets accessories. Upper body Wednesday for maintenance while jacking up legs. But that’s all just example framework. Programming is art, infinite possibility. Triple extension and triple flexion is science. But has never been done measurably in a program prior to ATG.

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