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ATG Basics: Beginner and Advanced Program

Jeff@BarbellPerformancecoaching, [18/06/2023 19:51]

ATG Basics seems to have a lot of principles of Mike Mentzor/Dorian Yates. Few sets but absolutely kicking your own ass. Absolutely loving this program and how easy it is to customize for myself and my clients. I'm fresh all the time and strength numbers are ☝️

Ben Patrick, [18/06/2023 21:40]

Jeff@BarbellPerformancecoaching thanks brother!

I think it’s a nice tool in the toolbox. As contrast we still have things like Dense which are 10 sets. I even remember a Poliquin system where used a program of 10 sets followed by a program of 2 sets. In this case it’s not actually strategic about the 2 sets. It’s just being practical to get through the exercises. The reps and tempo are then manipulated to still get decent volume, and on squats more sets are still allowed:


Dip 2 sets bodyweight to failure

Incline 2 sets of 10-15

Shoulder 2 sets of 8-12

That’s actually decent pressing volume. The purpose is to teach how we want to be capable from every angle, and to gradually introduce someone to full range of motion pressing. Same with:

Backward sled 1 x 200yd

Poliquin Step Up for height 2 x 20

ATG split squat bottom 1/4 2 x 20

Then you can squat with chains 5 x 5

Any more than 2 sets on the previous and you’ll probably just be too smoked. So it’s like a beginner and advanced program at the same time. Amazing for beginners to get them into full ATG movements, but also a great course for advanced to reset and build better.

Guys are hitting squat PRs regularly off Basics. Chains are similar: they help encourage beginners to go full range, and they also help advanced to bust plateaus and get more athletic and hit new squat PRs.

My fave is when a method is somehow both beginner and advanced at the same time.

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