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ATG Basics Program: Tempo Guidelines?

Joe Erlic, [26/08/2023 21:02]

For the ATG basics program, is there a rep tempo guideline?

Ben Patrick, [26/08/2023 23:51]

@joeerlic the programs I’ve made on the app don’t have tempo but COULD. Here’s why:

1. Form coaching. I found better results by making people send video rather than trusting their form.

2. I am working mostly with beginners and I don’t want to throw too many variables at them.

3. With TECH, tempo is one of the things I want to add:

Visualize with me: You click on tempo under an exercise. Let’s say a squat…

1. It counts down the time on-screen as you go down.

2. It counts a pause at the bottom.

3. It shows the X for explode as you go up.

4. It shows a short pause at the top. (Or not)

This would use tech to beautifully teach tempo. Our own app is so much better than what we used before. But it will continue to improve!

Hope that helps explain why the programs don’t have tempo yet, but focus on visually coaching form, and will eventually have precision tempo visual as well.

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