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ATG Basics Program Adjustments Explained

Josh Remland, [07/06/2023 21:05]

@Kneesovertoesguy I have noticed the ATG basics program keeps shifting. Are you testing out different styles before you decide on a final choice? Todays lift, the low back day, just kicked my ass with the addition of pullover and trap 3 eccen

Ben Patrick, [07/06/2023 21:24]

Minor shifts, always a reason behind it. In this case, thoracic spine is finishing touch on our back ability approach. It’s also shoulder ability, so I had it on Friday BUT… Doing it before pull-ups doesn’t leave enough upper body gas in the tank. So this way we get a TOUCH more focus on the upper body.

Monday all legs, Wednesday delves into upper, Friday then annihilates upper.

And some things are just based on feel, which is why I like living out programs. I had back extension at 15 reps, did my first set and was like f*** that 😂, 12 reps.

I make programs based on lots of people enjoying them in real life. This is not “perfect” but is workable, AND a coach knows how to tailor any of these layers to any client. 💪🫡

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