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ATG Buddy helps NBA player's knee pain.

Ben Patrick, [02/09/2022 21:52]

(After session with one NBA player)

Every time I train a famous athlete, I’m reminded even MORE how much ATG still needs to be learned and used. We created a knee routine he can maintain with just an ATG Buddy. Right after hoops:

20 Tib raises to make sure ankle keeps up with the knee strength increase (nothing needed)

20 Poliquin Step Ups SLOW eccentric - he got perfect form in one session (ATG buddy and a small step anywhere he can find it)

10 ATG Split Squats per side SLOW, he also got perfect form (regressed) in today’s session (ATG buddy and step)

This is actionable to handle his main issue (knee pain) and from there we can progress.

Another great thing with the buddies as a trainer is it makes the shift from Poliquin step ups and atg split squats smooth right into squats for clients who need them.

I think the main target from here will be adding hamstrings from whatever gym his team uses.

But right from his back yard we were able to do the tibs, Poliquin Step Ups, and ATG Split Squats (from a small set of stairs)

I take ATG and being able to play basketball without knee pain for granted. We have simple, human, magic. It’s pretty wild.

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