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ATG Coach Advises Against Excessive Cardio

Marco A, [02/08/2023 16:36]

(Reply to the ATG Coaching Insider Series 24: The ATG Cardio Formula For Sports)

That makes total sense. Especially that part about goggins 😂. That’s why I’m training 4x a week 💪🏽. 

I just want to throw in some extra cardio bc I haven’t seen any improvement in my cardio/endurance in the last year (from strength training) + every boxer ever has done light jogs + sprints and it seems to work for them. 

So what I’ll be doing for improving cardio is sled + strength training + sprints + light jogs. Some breathwork as well.

Ben Patrick, [02/08/2023 16:42]

@painfreeathletics maybe it will work. Maybe it will take away from your strength potential and reduce your long-term results. The greatest common denominator of boxers vs runners is boxing. Anything beyond boxing skill/effort + pound-for-pound strength is opinion.

“All high jumpers do half squats and it seems to work for them”

“Whoops the greatest high jumper of all time used FULL squats”

My role is truth, not opinion. As stated multiple times in the article, do as YOU see fit. ATG’s role is strong.

@painfreeathletics most bottom-level athletes don’t realize the GENETICS of those at the top. Michael Jordan benched 380 pounds. He was that insanely strong pound-for-pound. That’s how strong every lower body muscle was naturally.

So in the pursuit of cardio most bottom-level athletes prevent themselves from matching what the genetic freaks can do, and that’s what makes their cardio look effortless.

It’s often “in spite of” not “because of” when it comes to elite training. In fact, imagine this… You have WORLD CLASS strength naturally, pound-for-pound. Now everyone does the same training. You will still be relatively stronger than everyone else.

I’ve done things no one has after my genetic background. Hence, truth only. No opinions. It’s all in the mini-article above, and you can now do as YOU see fit. Now you have the data. But if you can’t rotator 30 pounds, don’t talk to me lol! Talk to someone else. If I wanted a strategic advantage in boxing I’d get to 20% BW x 8 strict rotators. And half bodyweight per hand incline dumbbell presses like a feather.

The world’s richest athletes tend to have such freaky genetics, you have to take a FREAKY route of uncommon strength in the strategic areas of that sport.

50% BW per hand incline dumbbell press x 15 reps, 20% BW external rotator x 8 reps. Those are just two examples of what I’d be chasing if I wasn’t a natural FREAK boxer.

ATG can really provide potential for non-freak athletes like no other mainstream exercise system. We exhibit this at ATGHQ with our jumping results. Any ATG coach can do the same for any pursuit. Have fun with the recipe! 🔥

⬆️ For further study, the Freak Checklist by Sport

@painfreeathletics all in all, it’s awesome that you are pursuing these physical goals.

I would be doing you a disservice if I advised you beyond what is in the mini-article I wrote for you today. This is all out of LOVE, and a desire to see people achieve their goals. If I didn’t care, I’d just say “sure” and move on.

Add whatever you want, but I will be 100% honest with you and I have a strong feeling you are way toо weak and not nearly skilled enough at your sport compared to the best in the world.

Good luck! 🔥🫡

Marco A, [02/08/2023 16:57]

yea I’m at 15% BW (per hand) x 15 reps on incline press and 8% BW x 8 reps for external rotation. Got a lot of work to do. 

Thank you for all the help and advice!!

Ben Patrick, [02/08/2023 16:58]

@painfreeathletics I would also seek freaky low back for boxing. Bodyweight on back full range seated goodmorning should feel like a cupcake.

WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, we need to triple your punching power and nearly triple your punching deceleration power.

Glad I wrote today’s insider. Dude you’re going to have so much FUN. Being DANGEROUS in your sport is PRICELESS.

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