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ATG Coach Seeks Advice for Knee Injury


Hey y’all - I’m new to ATG, a massage therapist & movement coach, and I’m about to start working with someone again who initially came in for a few training sessions a couple months ago but then had a huge inflammatory response in their knee while hiking in the woods. They were subsequently diagnosed with “chronic post traumatic thickening of the MCL; shallow trochlea; advanced degenerative loss of articular cartilage across the patella; large area of high-grade chondral loss across patella; large suprapatellar effusion; small bakers cyst posteriorly medially.” They want to start back up with strength training and I hope to start them out real carefully with ATG…thinking of starting with backwards stepups (I don’t have space for sled), resistance band dorsiflexion & plantarflexion (mimicking tib & calf raises from Zero), supine banded squats (resistance band under foot similar to a Leg Press machine) and mayyybe some Patrick or Poliquin Stepups but I’m nervous that might cause an inflammatory flare… Anyone have any thoughts?

And are there any educational articles, etc. on the ATG website for knee anatomy? I’d love to understand more about which muscles fire at which portion of knee flexion (VMO is the first quad to fire upon extension from greater than 90 degrees knee flexion, correct?) and how the femoral trochlea & tibia head interact with one another.

Thanks so much for any suggestions anyone has to offer!


Erin that’s awesome! Welcome!

Assisted reverse step ups are a game changer… Really assisted everything is a game changer with fragile cases…

And Erin on the app in the Study section you’ll find extensive Why behind it all… ATG is primarily based on the idea that someone’s weakest links are what are making them most fragile, therefore avoiding the issues is not the answer, but neither is working through pain. We are masters of increasing pain-free ability. That has created thousands of medical improvements but knowing medical terminology was never necessary to create the result. Not that it’s a bad thing to know data beyond what’s necessary for application, but experience and results have shown that knowledge of application makes a more results-producing coach than the norm who have the highest levels of modern education.

Some solutions for “no sled” because sled IS ATG. “Doing ATG without a sled” is actually not doing ATG. Deadmill: many times, you can find a broken treadmill. Flossing: pinning down the tendons can get someone get grooving who otherwise thinks they can’t get into knee exercise. And the third option is Zero. By strengthening from the ground up and GRADUALLY working knee over toes, miracles have occurred consistently. 

I hope those tips help!

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