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ATG Coaches: Applying Advanced Tempos and Structural Balance

Ben Patrick, [12/11/2022 23:51]

Just yesterday Ben Clarfield shared a groin recipe on split squat which is 5550 tempo!, 5 sec down, 5 sec pause, 5 sec UP.

The concentric can also be manipulated depending on the exercise. This is where ATG Coaches come in. I can actually recap my current view of ATG:

ATG Online excellent to get the base Standards in, and to train coaches. But it’s the coaches out in the field who can apply the data at higher levels, such as advanced tempos and Structural Balance percentages.

Though we are working toward that being easy within the app, I think the biggest potential there is for coaches to create custom programming for their clients.

I’m very satisfied with my current duty of getting the base Standards in. As un-sexy as that is, it’s broadly missing in the training world.

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