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ATG considering adding jiu jitsu program

Haley, [05/05/2023 21:07]

@Kneesovertoesguy any plans to add jiu jitsu to the sports training within the app? 🙏🏼

Ben Patrick, [05/05/2023 21:25]

Haley definitely have plans to do so. Kevin has a lot of experience in this area. The ATG internal team is still smaller than I’d like it to be, and I don’t feel comfortable yet using programs from those I’m not paying on my staff. Future is long for ATG, and I know we can keep growing and adding unique players to the team. 🙏

Also, making a program is easy. I can make a good program for any sport. All ATG Coaches should be able to.

But to market a program is a different ballgame.

So for ATG Online, time will sharpen it to the programs really being LIVED in real life.

Back Ability Zero now has 599 people tracking their progress in the app. As a result, TONS of feedback and learning will occur.

If only 5 people are doing it, well then there’s not as much real-world experience to work with.

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