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ATG For Swimmers?

Jefferson Johnson, [23/05/2023 23:40]

@Kneesovertoesguy ATG for swimmers?

Ben Patrick, [24/05/2023 00:10]

Jefferson I think that’s an area that will be best tackled by actual swimmers!

I had an Olympic medalist last Olympics thank me for rejuvenating his springs. But I honestly have no idea what correlates best to swimming because it’s different than land. So I’d rather not guess.

Martin Paradine, [24/05/2023 01:51]

That video you sent doing Cuban press to trap3 eccentric reminded me of a swimmer!  Maybe your inner swimmer is trying to say something haha

Ben Patrick, [24/05/2023 02:03]

Martin haha maybe!

The Shoulder Results system from today blew my mind!! Finally, a top to bottom upper body system for ATG. Thanks to everyone who made that possible today.

Today’s work might be a more ideal upper body system for swimmers, but really paves the way to help any client.

We even got some bonus categories covered.

The video series from this week is a better roadmap than anything we’ve been able to provide thus far. Super grateful for it.

It’s so good, I’ll be spending my upcoming weeks simply hosting: Knee Ability, Back Ability, Shoulder Abilit, as classes from HQ 3 times a week.

That alone is an incredible program and what I’ll personally be following. It has infinite customization within its framework. Can be done solo, as a group, etc! You “learn” ATG but within a program.

I’ll summarize it for this week’s article so you can both read exactly what we did, as well as watch video if you’d like to see any examples, and it will be live on the app starting this weekend as “ATG Basics” (replacing the current version which is decent but not even close to the experience it will be)

Program, videos, article. Full experience for anyone not there this week.

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