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ATG implementation in football academy


Good morning Ben and whole ATG team.

I need some guidance regarding ATG implementation in football academy..

I going to work with you football players, U15 and U17 boys..

I like to build the culture about ATG in young generation.

Guidance regarding periodization for off-season, pre- season and in Season.

Reason I am asking because their is already Set up gerneal program.

And I haven't seen any Deep squatting work, shot range of motion work, specially for the lower limbs.

Same old lunges, squat, hinge patterns, etc..

It is good but I know Our ATG system can create huge difference.

In terms of injury prevention, enhancement of performance, making them strong.

I hope that's make sense.

Another thing there is no ATG equipment their, and I have my slant board, heel support for Split squat, revers strap for core, tibial bar etc..

I wanted to make a change and that's why I am seeking for advice.

Total athletes around the team is some where around boys and girls more then 100..

I am excited to work and Put the ATG in high performance centres as well for better athlete outcome.

Looking forward to hear

Kind Regard

Vikas Chauhan


Yep, gotta change the game! Understanding the layers allows you to think with what to implement. For example:

So much you can implement with youth athletes. But you may have to start with what is REALISTIC. Without being in your shoes, I won’t know what that is. Get in ABILITY on this stuff, and you can change the game for those kids. Pre-during season scheduling will have to do with being realistic and knowing their schedule. The movements are the same. Good luck!

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