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ATG Principles: No Periodization, Different Intents.

Ferenc Hegyközi, [05/06/2023 14:28]

Hey guys I’m pretty new to this so can you help me with periodization?

Ben Patrick, [05/06/2023 14:35]

Ferenc I don’t periodize and haven’t for my entire ATG journey… Periodization is one of many aspects to programming, which isn’t part of ATG but which is something that can be useful. Ben Clarfield does live calls weekly for deeper details such as that.

Ferenc I am always seeking the perfect program for myself and others. I don’t periodize. I get results. So do others who periodize. You are free to choose how you program for yourself and clients.

An ATG principle is: Ability through full range of motion. That is a principle. Periodization is not an ATG principle. I would take a roulette wheel of ATG moves over a periodized program which doesn’t use full range of motion…

LEVELS for every ability is also an ATG principle.

Ferenc Hegyközi, [05/06/2023 14:39]

Alright thanks.

What about changing exercises every 3-4 weeks. Could that be beneficial? Keeping the main exercises but little changes

Ben Patrick, [05/06/2023 14:39]

Sled, Step up, Split squat, Squat. That’s ATG principles with levels within each zone. I don’t change exercises. You are free to do as you wish. You can also vary the intent of each exercise. Example:

1. Sled I am going for PUMP, SPEED of step, not for “more weight”

2. Step up I am currently working for HEIGHT

3. Split squat for MOBILITY intent

4. Then squat for STRENGTH intent

Different intents, rather than each exercise for the same intent. Different exercises have different advantages. I believe those are the best advantages of each zone.

We have tried over and over and over and over again and nothing seems to beat that approach for the legs. I can’t bullshit myself so I simply put out what I 100% believe in and what I 100% would fear my competition doing. That’s how I program. What I would NOT want my opponent doing.

Then zone 5… I believe Nordic intent is best at MASTERING BODYWEIGHT.

So, 5 different knee zones, 5 different intents.

As a coach, YOU have the freedom to program as you see fit.

This has worked: me giving you my 100% beliefs because I have to live the product. A coach who doesn’t compete can write a random program and they get in the habit of writing average programs because their neck isn’t on the line.

Yesterday I did: Sled Challenge, Full squats with chains, Max sprints on air runner, Basketball game, 40 DUNKS - 10 reps on all 4 plants. I put my body through what a world class athlete would experience across multiple sports, with MEASURE. SUPER pressure on myself. This has resulted in the best results for my clients. See what works for you. The more pressure I put on myself, the better a coach I became.

There’s no more athletic group of coaches on earth than at ATG. We live the product. This forces improvement. This made ATG very very different because this is how we’ve operated since day 1

Periodization, deload, etc., for me aren’t planned. If they happen it’s by observation in the moment and changing as necessary to get the best possible results, always chasing the perfect program.

So for me ATG Basics is the most perfect human program of all time. This is my mindset. Why would I make less? I believe it’s the best human performance and bulletproofing system there’s ever been. But I don’t say that publicly. Just as Michael Jordan believed he was the best but has to continually step out on the floor and prove it, not say it. But that’s my mindset:

“This will be the greatest week of training ever.”

Then I have to go through a more bulletproof Sunday than any competitor will! Then I have to do it again. I’ll have to be the most athletic 40 year old basketball player on earth.

As a group we will have to break all Masters track and field records. As coaches we will have to coach athletes to break the majority of Olympic world records.

So, there is the belief in ability but there is also the real-world pressure to prove oneself. You need both. Otherwise, you either don’t push forward and make breakthroughs, or you risk being delusional and ineffective at helping others.

We are at the very beginning of this journey. And even in this pursuit, thus far, it’s led to the most people improving their knees in history!

Without the PRESSURE, the system would not have formed and would not have spread.

Conclusion: I am always seeking the perfect framework, from which a coach can guide anyone at any level, and adapt in real time.

I believe… Planned is better than unplanned. But a planned framework that is approached in real time, would be better than planning out far ahead of time.

This is what has worked best so far, by going with a philosophy of putting more pressure on bulletproofing and athleticism (in the clients and the coaches!) than anyone else.

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