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ATG Principles and Training Partnerships

Ben Patrick, [02/06/2023 14:21]

Had to throw this in… (picture of Fernando ATG Deadlifting) Always a reminder that ATG is principles! Ben Clarfield Fernando New Number here deadlifting…

Wednesday, I saw Fern was doing 450+ with perfect form, control, etc. Right in the same Back Ability session that anyone of any age can do. “ATG For…” has almost limitless potential.

ATG is here to serve and always will be. Not our egos but whatever the client’s goal.

Fern and I have regularly made our best gains as training partners - even with differing end goals. Same with Keegan and I when we’ve trained together

Understanding principles allows us to make slight changes within the same overall framework.

I’m very grateful for the current L3 list: Me, Keegan, Marcel, Ben C, Fernando. Wide variety of backgrounds.

Looking forward to each year’s new L3 and what they can bring to the team.

It’s not a perfect system but it’s workable, to add one L3 per year who has a unique responsibility to the team

Ben Clarfield, [02/06/2023 18:11]

Thats the way. There is no athlete or non-athlete.

Everyone is just somewhere on the regression or progression spectrum.

Be honest with yourself be honest with your clients and athletes and ask for a just a little more every day and magic happens.

Niall Curran, [02/06/2023 18:25]

“Needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree, not kind” 😘

A Greg Glassman quote that 100% applied to ATG 😅🤭

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