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ATG Principles for Training Success

Gregory Drakopoulos, [02/06/2023 08:45]

Anyone feel a bit overwhelmed when they first started ATG? Like I miss doing Push Pull Legs. It was so simple.

Ben Patrick, [02/06/2023 13:35]

Lol… you can make a Push-Pull-Legs with ATG. Gregory ATG mostly means mastering form on full range of motion.

100+ trainers in this chat could make an ATG Push-Pull-Legs in less than 10 minutes. As could you. Open your eyes my friend. ATG is principles.

As for simplicity Gregory, doesn’t get simpler than knowing a bunch of random people of all ages and abilities will show up at ATG today, and ALL will be able to start sledding and have a great workout. No simpler system on earth than that my friend.

Make your own Push-Pull-Legs program as you desire. Send a classic Push-Pull-Legs here now, and we can give examples of how to make it ATG-style…

A simple example is just that we understand how to get into full squats, so on a Push-Pull-Legs, someone could get fuller knee results. That’s a super basic example.

ATG is not programming, but rather how to help people with movement. Where it affects programming, it’s more like this simple…. Athlete has had shin splits for 4 years… No lower leg strength training in program. Zero tibialis… Hm…. Common sense.

So you could say ATG is principles.

Gregory Drakopoulos, [02/06/2023 14:08]

Okay, I'm more than happy for someone to try and program for me.

Ben Patrick, [02/06/2023 14:09]

Send your last Push-Pull-Legs program. People can give you tips on how ATG could apply. You should program it yourself though, as a drill. You’re here to be a coach. You should be a self-sufficient badass. Myself and other super helpful people in this chat will have great tips for you.

Gregory Drakopoulos, [02/06/2023 14:13]

I want to be able to bench 120 and squat 180. And those are just initial goals. I'd like to get even higher numbers tbh.

Ben Patrick, [02/06/2023 14:13]

Very cool. 180 squat full depth will be by far the toughest of the 3 listed goals.

If it’s half-rep, that’s another matter, which is the sport of powerlifting, but which ATG can still boost and bulletproof for.

Gregory Drakopoulos, [02/06/2023 14:15]

First gotta get this pinch out of my hip that's been nagging me for ages now.

Ben Patrick, [02/06/2023 14:16]

Right so with a Push-Pull-Legs you’d use ATG split squats to warm up for squats, and you’d use ATG-style Seated GMs as accessory after Deadlifts. These are very simple examples that will have completely different outcomes as years go by. Higher numbers, less pain, greater mobility. There you go brother.

You can and should ENJOY your training. You SHOULD do Push-Pull-Legs if you enjoy that style of programming, and we can give you tips along the way.

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