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ATG Pro Program for Aspiring Athletes

Drake Davis, [19/04/2023 12:58]

A freak athlete program would be welcomed for sure. Myself and a handful of non-athlete clients are using the current freak standards as a minimum for what we're striving for, but plan on going well beyond. We have a handful of events over the next few years we want to try and complete to test ourselves and the ATG system.

Ben Patrick, [19/04/2023 17:50]

Keegan and I will create it this weekend! We have 5 days together to train and educate. And what we did in person 3 years ago probably worked better than any athlete template in ATG history! Can’t wait to roll it out.

ATG Pro, not 30 min sessions like Zero, Dense… 1 hour if not longer. For the aspiring pro transformation.

One of the wild things we did was a reverse template using Poliquin’s basics… Sled, Step up, Split squat, Squat, KOT Squat.

Keegan and I have been chatting and he’s been refreshing my memory. People were smashing squat PRs. But we used bottom 1/4 split squats for mobility and priming squat positioning Yes! That was Knee Ability Pro! I forgot we called it that. Yep, we will call this ATG Pro.

The posterior session and upper session will each be intense.

This gives 3 sessions. This leaves tons of room for personalization. Two leg days, or two posterior, or two upper, depending on sport. And each layer within each session can be personalized.

(Step ups, split squats, squats, have many versions)

Step up = short range

Split squat long range

Because compare split squat mid range to squat mid range. Squat is tougher to break mid point. Split squat you push back, mid point easy. So for athlete we found using split squat bottom 1/4 reps to prime and then INCREASE squat. The feeling is magic, although unusual.

Usually you’d think to do: Squat, Split squat, Step up, Sled, in that order. And that ain’t wrong! But most athletes can’t really dig into squat form like a natural. So the reverse order makes you soooooo warm and primed to squat like a champ. And the athletic hypertrophy was insane. Vertical jumps skyrocketed on this.

Then add a posterior like: Back Ext, Seated GM, RDL, Nordic.

These are major sessions. Not for the faint of heart. For the aspiring PRO transformation.

We had the whole gym on this, and results were insane. Keegan was training the guys on upper body who wanted it. This was the peak highest I jumped around this phase. Explosion was insane.

If you look at Connor Barth social media and date back, he was highest in WORLD at this point. We have rebuilt our friendship and I think he can get back to highest in world on this formula. Along with our other Connor, Connor Dykes, who likely has top jump balance on earth right now. Connor Dykes is full time ATG staff helping me answer everyone on social, 7 days a week. SAVAGE! Along with Kenny who has also made one of freakiest transformations I’ve ever seen. (Overall explosion)

ATG PRO REVIVES THIS WEEKEND with its savage instigator Keegan.

Keegan was springing up and grabbing rim! And his speed times were getting faster faster faster PLUS hit his first handstand push up, etc.

Theory of program really is no missing range of the power producers! And in reverse order of JOINT COMFORT. Patient hour long sessions. Sounds crazy to do Nordic after back Ext, Seated GM, RDL… But way warmer. And something magical about hitting squat PRs AFTER sled, step up, split squat lol! And following squat with sissy squat.

Sissy and Nordic are same, lifting body with only knee. Natural freaks can do them without training.

Definitely NOT short sessions like Zero, Dense, etc. Nor is this the “best” or “only” way to make an “ATG Pro” program. But it’s a real way, that worked for a ton of people for a variety of sport goals. (Since you can personalize easily within it) It makes it very hard not to cause extreme adaptation

Will be up this weekend. I will make it this week’s article.

Sometimes the timing aligns. Finally seeing Keegan again after 3 years!

We have a lot happening the next couple months. I am tentatively thinking an informal ATG Expansion Week after Sorinex seminar May 19-20… Just an idea. Like, anyone on the front lines of social media welcome to HQ to come make videos, podcasts etc. The idea is it only increases everyone’s followers, knowledge, etc. HQ makes this easy to do at any time through the year very casually and always winning to whatever degree of who shows up We ALWAYS have great workouts and content creators at HQ.

ATG Pro would likely have the plyo progression on the weekend. Same concept, goes from low to high. Backward running mandatory before forward. Running both ways pain free mandatory before jumping. All of the above mandatory before bounding. Just as backward sled helps steps ups help split squat help squats. Don’t “have” to squat, don’t have to bound. Laid out in order of how gentle each one is

Just followed up on turf so we get it installed immediately. Our metal sled prototype is near done…. We made a tank prototype that measures time and distance, took a couple years, works, BUT… If you’ve ever used a tank, yep, it’s convenient, but it does NOT hit quite like a metal sled on turf. So we are simply making what’s already worked and got the job done. Metal sled but with wraparound rail, etc. so you just have one purchase. Very simple.

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