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ATG Pro Program for Athletic Progress

Cole Hyde, [24/04/2023 17:42]

@Kneesovertoesguy @keegancoach Ben for ATG Pro, should we be attacking each exercise trying to hit a PR? or just trying to improve on each exercise workout by workout, with gradual progressive overload? Say you have an athlete who is willing to do anything to get to that next level, how should they be attacking this program?

Keegan Coach, [25/04/2023 00:15]

We worked to a top quality weight for the day on this program training 6 days a week for a month… 2-3 weeks of that was probably ideal but we ran very well by the end.

Ben Patrick, [25/04/2023 00:18]

This would be for a DEDICATED off season (2 sessions each: legs, posterior, upper). That would be my advice to make a maximum off season transformation

Above all remember that applying 6 layers is more for create logical long-term progress and education…

Cole Hyde, [25/04/2023 00:20]

Appreciate the response @keegancoach … What would then be the longest you would recommend this program? If you were hitting it hard daily building up to a heavy weight?

Ben Patrick, [25/04/2023 00:20]

The universe didn’t make 6 levels lol. It’s so balanced, you could do it for life lol. Harder to overtrain when applying structural balance. Athletic 6 levels: Backward sprint, Sprint, Land, Jump, Bound? Just example of how thought process goes. Sled, Step up, Split squat, Squat, this works magic.

There are infinite ways you could apply it. They don’t have to all be in same session. But that has produced amazing gains. Probably best gains I’ve seen with my own eyes. The goal is to apply legitimate physics to the levels of progression. Then it’s knowledge you can use as needed in any way. We kind of stumbled on doing it in one session lol, and it was wild how much athletic progress people were making.

Covid = Zero

Then minimal equipment to rebuild from home, with a family = Dense.

ATG PRO existed before those lol.

Keegan Coach, [25/04/2023 00:28]

My best belt-less squats came on this program the bonus’ were:

1. My knees didn’t hurt

2. I ran the best I had in years

Ben Patrick, [25/04/2023 00:28]


I watched it! Keegan was getting more athletic at a rate that made no sense for late 30s. And now in his 40s super impressive speed. We were on Air Runner this morning. Runs like teenager.

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