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ATG Pro Upper Day: Viable Replacements

Mark Mammoser, [28/04/2023 19:13]

@Kneesovertoesguy for ATG pro upper day, which i have today. do face pulls in place for band pull parts act as a viable replacement?

Ben Patrick, [28/04/2023 19:15]

Absolutely! Shoulder stabilizing, Dumbbell work, Barbell/dip/chin (double arm), Outer range stuff (pullovers, etc.). This is the general concept thus far for overall amazing upper results. Trying to mimic that: Sled, Step up, Split squat, Squat, Outer range work, but for the upper.

Full range dumbbell pressing is much like an ATG split squat. Then squat/deadlift much like barbell pressing and dips/chins. Then reverse Nordic, j curl, much like pullovers/flies/smith curls

Eccentric trap 3 raises and band pullaparts are just the simplest first stage I could think of for online delivery, with the goal being a productive PUMP for the shoulder stabilizers.

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