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ATG Program for In-Season Basketball Workouts

Jan Kozina, [08/10/2022 16:33]

Hello, please, what ATG program would you recommend for in-season basektball workouts? I play semi-pro in 2nd division in Austria. I have 1 basketball workout a day (monday - friday) saturday game, sunday off. I am preparing my strenght And conditioning workouts by myself. 2 or 3 SC workouts a week fit best for me. Thank you very much for your answers. Greetings from Czech republic.

Ben Patrick, [09/10/2022 21:06]

Jan I put up a pre-season basketball program and I'll make an in-season one soon. I like small sessions in inverse order of recovery, so you'd hit stuff that makes you most sore on Mondays, rather than stop training it. Huge advantage to keep gaining in-season!

My best results in-season were reverse step ups, atg split squats, and atg squats, each once a week. Didn't matter what days. Got me results. But you could stage them like Mon-Tues-Wed, rest Thurs-Fri, game Sat. That's generally how I set up training for people with one big important game each week. You keep training hard, just early in the week, then recover, then game

Once the app update is approved by Apple, I can add wayyyy more programs. Because it'll be broken up by Main Programs, Protocols, Sports, etc. Usually basketball is 2-3 games per week, so when I was in college I just did the workouts whatever days I could. Sometimes I'd go straight from a game on Saturday, to the gym, to start the process of train > recover > play > repeat

Jan Kozina, [09/10/2022 21:16]

Sounds interesting. You did this ONLY when you play few minutes So you Felt ok for the workout or you go to the gym Also after tough games just to start your recovery processes ASAP?

Ben Patrick, [09/10/2022 21:16]

I led my team in minutes playing college, and being the slowest guy on the court lol. Meaning I was physically working harder than anyone by far probably lol, to keep up. I didn't care what I felt like. The stronger you get in ATG exercises, the easier you recover from the game. So by the end of the season I would finish games feeling fresh. I can play basketball hard, dunk etc, and still go workout.

Besides, step ups, split squats, nordics, etc don't take as much energy as powerlifting or olympic weightlifting. My philosophy became "I'd rather be MJ fatigued than Steve Kerr fresh". Meaning I cared more about adapting myself to something greater. Than being fresh but a poor athlete.

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