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ATG Seminars with CrossFit Champions

Ben Patrick, [28/09/2022 19:14]

Structural Balance is more than just lifting! It teaches a lot about life. Here's some cool news...

February and April I'm now scheduled delivering ATG seminars at Jason Khalipa (NorCal) and Justin Medeiros (this year's champ) gyms!!

This will be my first time doing ATG seminars for CrossFit gyms, but it's damn cool that we get to be doing this with past and current champions. Incredibly honored and excited to deliver tremendous value. CrossFit is a perfect place for us because ATG isn't a sport. We can be of service without ego involved. And mobility and joint ability are huge demands in CrossFit.

ATG is here to stay. I think if we play the long game and stay really professional about what we do, not dogmatic etc., everyone will use some degree of what we’re doing.

I mean, ATG is really an assembly of strength through uncommon ranges, all of which have been done to some degree throughout history. It’s not new. But either forgotten or never quite assembled in one place.

So the reality is that if we succeed, this stuff will just be more common knowledge. We won’t receive credit nor is that the goal. But I do think we will be recognized as coaches that people can count on.

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