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ATG Shred Program's Hamstring Training Frequency

Ian Oosthuizen, [14/02/2023 11:33]

Hi @Kneesovertoesguy

I don't know if this is a dumb question or if I am missing something,

But why is the ham/glute trained 4 times in the atg Shred program week(I know its still kind of experimental but I am still interested) and everything else only trained once or twice. In the standards nothing is trained more than twice a week and I thought you would only hit an area this hard in unique individualized programs. I have been wanting to push my glutes and hammies this hard but from what I have learned/heard from following atg is that its inefficient pushing one exercise or muscle so hard, and to rather have it rest.

Please give me some insight on why this is possible with atg shred, I am thinking the only reason that you're able to do this is that maybe nordic eccetrics arn't as tough on the body as full nordics and rdls.

Ben Patrick, [15/02/2023 03:52]

LOL! Ian that’s a GREAT question.. Here’s the chain of events:

1. Filming triple flexion video and realizing it could be a workout

2. Getting through Week 1 and realizing that because hams are both knee flexors AND hip extensors, we trained them 4 times lol!

3. F*** it!

In my defense, Poliquin regularly did this, with frequent hamstrings training. Also, in this program it’s just a few sets. It’s a 12 week program so in the first few weeks there may be a lot of soreness, but by the end, someone could make quite a hamstring transformation. Using different exercises each day helps prevent overtraining compared to if the same one was used each day. Last but not least, it’s intended to be a highly personalized program.

So someone could use Seated Goodmorning on one of the hips days if hamstring soreness was too great. Or hamstring curls in both knee flexion sessions since Nordics often give greater soreness.

Hope those tips help. It was a LEGIT question because we were questioning it ourselves lol!

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