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ATG Sled Protocols and Rests Clarified

David Rowan, [31/05/2023 14:28]

Does this mean 30s? 60s? Between each 50y rep, in either direction? (asking about the rest on the sled)

Ben Patrick, [31/05/2023 14:36]

At ATG we measure the distance… I’d say 4 x 1 minute

This week we are doing… Monday 200yd, Wednesday 2 x 100yd, Friday 4 x 50yd.

The ATG Sled we’re making has the Prowler low push and wraparound rail so then we can start mixing it up more. My theory on the 3 different sled protocols is only to mix things up. Some people get a breakthrough on the one crazy long pump. Others get breakthrough on the smaller pumps + breaks

David Rowan, [31/05/2023 14:37]

Sorry I meant; I was seeking clarification on your comment (full rests).

Is that rest between push one direction, 30s for example, pull back the other direction?

I’ve always gone 10 min push/pull no rest.

Ben Patrick, [31/05/2023 14:37]

Oh, I won’t time it. Depends how hard you go.

Sledding is VERY dependent on how hard you try. Speed at the correct weight is what seems to burn most. Turfs vary in friction too much for a formula.

At your gym, compare and challenge others. And you can figure out Standards real quick for your space.

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