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ATG Split Squat: The Most Helpful Exercise?

Ben Patrick, [10/05/2023 19:47]

Thought of The Day:

ATG Split Squat is not in any textbook in any college in the world.

Maybe the single most helpful exercise for mankind.

Let’s keep going my friends!

(FAQ: I’m often asked why I don’t try studies / textbook / etc. Well, I think the whole system is flawed. My kids will graduate at 15 with their own biz and have paid off real estate by the time the systemgoers are graduating college in debt. Sometimes creating a new system is better. Most top companies in 2023 didn’t exist 20 years ago, and that’s how long it takes the textbook system to slowly change. My kids would be all grown up even if I succeeded. I’d rather create a system many people will thrive on much better.)

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