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ATG Split Squat for Hip Flexor Strength

Udhay Chatha, [04/06/2023 17:42]

Do you think Ben long range hip flexor strength exercises are important? Since the reverse squat and other hip flexor exercises strengthen it in the short range.

Ben Patrick, [04/06/2023 17:42]

Yep, this is one of the awesome benefits of the ATG Split Squat. More could be added, but isn’t required. Pauses in bottom position = more hip flexor time under tension in long range 👍

Udhay Chatha, [04/06/2023 17:43]

I have never gotten sore hip flexors from the ATG split squat like I have in reverse squats.

Ben Patrick, [04/06/2023 17:45]

Yep, doesn’t seem to create a soreness effect.

Udhay Chatha, [04/06/2023 17:45]

This one has really helped me and what actually cured my hip impingement (going back with leg stuck on a bench or something)

Ben Patrick, [04/06/2023 17:46]

That’s great. You could add more. Mine went away from ATG Split Squat.

I haven’t seen a safe and scalable long range hip flexor method produce better results than ATG Split Squat. Doesn’t mean there aren’t cool exercises that can produce results. But I think about the long-term of what I crucially need in the toolbox.

We really try to use the minimum - and safest - methods needed to produce the result.

One aspect is that sprinting itself may be the best method for that. People regularly get sore hip flexors from sprinting. So, my personal recipe would be: ATG Split Squat, Low Cable Pull ins, Sprint. Udhay maybe that will make even more sense, when you think about the effect of sprinting.

Training often has to do with the best tools for the job, and accomplishing an overall task. Example:

Dumbbell pressing ATG-style is a great tool for the shoulders. So is bodyweight pressing with full range. Think Dip and DB shoulder press. You could set up a machine for EXTEME decline dumbbell press (Dip), and you could do regressed handstand pressing with the full range. These are not wrong, just as you could add a long-range hip flexor exercise. But, is it practical? Can you apply exact measurement and progress? Can you train grandparents along with pro athletes easily and smoothly and rapidly?

For something to be worthwhile it has to be applicable. My eyes are always open to applicable. Some brilliant methods just might not make the cut for the ATG system, because 5-10 years from now, even the people who thought them up won’t be doing them lol! I’m 10 years in on the Nordic and doing them daily. It has stood the test of time.

Long range hip flexion is not a problem I commonly see, thanks to ATG Split Squat. Broad problem = solved. Could more be added? Absolutely!

If you look closely at every method in the ATG system, it’s been done somewhere, extensively, for many years. ATG is moreso an assembly of workable methods, and making them accessible to all. Less about introducing new ones. But my eyes are always open and I carefully look at the ideas sent to me.

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