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ATG Split Squat vs Full Squat Loading

Daniel Pfohl, [08/09/2023 23:52]

Hey Ben what’s the rational of changing the atg split squat to 4x8 BW compared to adding extra weight ?

Ben Patrick, [09/09/2023 00:15]

Daniel, here’s rationale… (2 screenshots from the article about Standards)

This has been my observation….

1. People pushing ATG Split Squat weight and losing mobility focus

2. People not actually loading the full squat

And knee remaining vulnerable due to not progressive overloading full squat. The slant squat with dumbbell is AMAZING… but I do believe barbell progressive overload full squat is key to maximizing knee protection in sport. So, my idea was to make MOBILITY the Standard for ATG Split Squat, and loading the Standard for full squat. It’s not bodyweight, load the ATG split squat to what feels best. But make sure you get to squatting your bodyweight in additional load, for reps, with full range and great control.

The full front squat is a better measurement of baseline strength. So, I don’t feel we need to force a specific load on the split squat standard. ATG split squat for mobility, ATG squat for strength. And yes, ATG split squat can and should be loaded.

(Per further writing above, which is a screenshot from this week’s article dropping on Sunday morning)

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