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ATG Standards for Simple, Safe Results

Ben Patrick, [08/09/2023 23:49]

Please keep me personally posted on any Standards feedback. Trying to make them all attainable but legit. I think measurable targets will help a lot more people out there stick with ATG beyond just rehab. Stats show people broadly still just see ATG as quick rehab which is far from its purpose.

Zero = no equipment

Dense = big results with minimal equipment

Standards = we need to make these really basic and well-known

Structural Balance = the goal of it all, and with our own app we will absolutely be able to integrate this into long-term programming. Standards is like Structural Balance made simple. That’s the goal.

Drake Davis, [09/09/2023 00:59]

This makes sense. In a given session you could go up in weight on SS but form must be perfect and if you only have so much energy to give then you should prioritize the weight/intensity for the squat?

Priority of intent. My thoughts looking at this more:

The best utility I got out of adding weight to my SS was that it pushed my ROM further than I could with bodyweight (only 165lbs). It is definitely taxing and beneficial to my single leg strength but I never feel the strength gains that I do when I go hard on Squats.

Also in the context of strength imbalance: adding weight to SS would definitely make imbalance between legs apparent but the Stepups for height does an even better job of exposing and remedying this problem.

All that to say I agree with you haha.

Ben Patrick, [09/09/2023 02:54]

@imDrake757 great insights… I had similar conclusions. Not that split squat loads shouldn’t get super strong. But I think for Standards it’s better to have intent on split squat mobility, and squat strength. Seems safer long term. Similar with working for 12 full pull ups though. That’s not magic. You could do less reps, loaded. But it’s simple and safe and keeps intent on get proficient at them. Meaning the goal of Standards isn’t perfection, but rather simplicity and sure-fire results.

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