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ATG System for Labral Tear in Hip


Hey guys! Have any of you ever worked with a labral tear in the hip? How would the ATG system apply to it


Jack I’ve worked with athletes with various tears like that… We focused on: Split squat, Seated G, Low cable pull in, Pigeon (Ability from all 4 sides of the hips).

But like any tear or medical condition, ATG doesn’t actually address conditions. Just addresses the pain free ability and sees if that increases over time. Many times, as the ability changes, the condition dissipates.

Honest guess is 80% of such conditions can handle with ATG. I don’t think ATG’s purpose is to aim to handle “everything”. I think 80% is a general range I’ve seen across all natural forms of healing (diet, exercise, ATG, etc.) in terms of what the masses are struggling with. Like imagine if there was no junk food at all, no toxins introduced…

So I think ATG plays a valuable role in the overall field of letting the body handle itself naturally. BUT… If a client does come with a specific condition, I’d be that much more gentle getting things going. Sled work is a great way to get things warm before sessions, for example, or even during sessions as circuits with the more mobilizing and targeted strengthening exercises.

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