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ATG Training for Longevity and Peak Performance

Ástør Vrîñdts, [03/04/2023 16:47]

@Kneesovertoesguy how is the athlete off season program going?

Ben Patrick, [03/04/2023 16:48]

Going well. Initial conclusion… ATG training as a whole can look very similar for longevity or peak performance. Main difference: Working HARD on squats and deadlifts. In my case: Full squat with chains, RDL.

I think “dunk till I’m 50” and “achieve peak potential now” are similar-looking programs. But peak potential requires more intent on strength increase. My strategy for that is super controlled full squats with chains as my main strength driver. And RDL with nice stretch as secondary strength driver. Still keeps knee protection and mobility as priorities.

Same with split squat and Seated GM session. I’m actually pushing Seated GM strength rather than just maintaining mobility. Yet still using max mobility.

We don’t have to make gyms. They’ll add a lot of joy to a lot of lives. We notice this every time in person. Life is just better with a good group. And that’s hard to come by. Not to mention at an ATG gym any client is accepted. No judgment.

ATG is not forceful to only do ATG. ATG is a concept of balancing the body through exercise, so anyone of any fitness passion can still apply some ATG.

ATG has attracted a positive bunch. When we are in gyms training together it’s a lot of fun. It was like this at the original ATG. Major friendships.

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