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ATG Training to Reduce Sports Injuries


@keeganrs any comment on Wallabies injuries? A couple of achilles ruptures. Since you trained Quade Cooper, anything he was missing in his training to avoid this injury? I follow his trainings closely on instagram


Pedro even at times when I see some rugby teams “using ATG” - we’re talking like some TERRIBLE form use of one exercise in a 10 part workout lol! I have yet to see a rugby coach legitimately use ATG. Same in football. This is why I got insane results with a football team, because I used straight ATG and didn’t fall for the traps of training like everyone else. In fact, I haven’t seen a football or rugby team come CLOSE to what I would trust with my own body.

It hurts to watch sometimes when someone uses a Tib bar with light weight and then does a massive workout of plyos and half squats on top of clearly weak knees, then tries to play sport! Sports will always have injuries, by nature. But it can be a lot better, and that’s one of the purposes of ATG. For every 100 people aware of “kneesovertoesguy” there’s probably only 1 actually applying it well. 

The world needs more BEASTS of coaches. It takes guts to do things so differently. I do think we are making progress though, by reports from top pros. We used to be nonexistent and we’re probably making a 5% impact. But I think we would need to see at least 33% STANDARD application of ATG to see a shift in injuries.

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