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Avoid Knee Wraps for Squats


So I think a huge part in what's been causing my IT band issues is wrapping my knees tight with wraps on heavy squat sets. Seems to be causing friction with the it band where it can't move naturally. Really sucks because I can't do any form of squat not without a pinching feeling. Time to cut out all knee wraps/knee sleeves


It makes sense for competition to use whatever gets the job done best, but for training, makes sense to me to make the body as balanced and capable as possible without assistance 👍

Some people benefit from a LOT of 90:90 stretching, since that’s such a natural childlike thing. You can answer messages, etc. from your phone while doing it. I do. I just chill there. I think it’s sensible for those of us who have stopped childlike sitting ages ago.

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