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Backward running for easier progress.

Daniel Pfohl, [23/03/2023 18:34]

Hey Ben how would you adjust the adapt portion if the sprint , Maasai jump and bounds were too demanding ?

Ben Patrick, [23/03/2023 18:34]

Backward! More backward = easier to go forward. You can legit backward your way to running and jumping

I’ve never seen an outlier yet with my own eyes. There are many people who do NOT want to be helped but in person they can’t escape. Plus, in person you can bring those people up to higher levels of happiness and awareness 📈

Ultimately, people need to overcome things toward goals in order to be happy.

So you can start with a grumpy client who legit does NOT want to be helped, rehabilitate the fact they CAN make wins, and watch them change before your eyes - not just physically but in their approach to life.

Daniel Pfohl, [23/03/2023 18:35]

So would you just do backward running/ sprinting for 2-3 days per week ?

Ben Patrick, [23/03/2023 18:36]

Once per week only. I haven’t seen better results with plyos more than once per week. And the weightroom work will make it better and better

You can do more, but my advice will always be once a week, with twice per week allowed but with the advice of, “Why rush when most are too injured to go 100% and you can adapt more than them if you can give 100%?”

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