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Balanced Split Squat Technique

carson Douglas, [09/05/2023 02:56]

i have a question about the split squats when doing them should all the weight b on the knee and back hip flexor at all times or just all the weight in the front on the knee like should you feel them both load at the same time

Ben Patrick, [09/05/2023 03:56]

Good question. I’d say it’s balanced. I’m thinking two intentions at once: Front side strength, back side length. So on the front side I’m thinking with VMO and glute to be strong. Back leg I’m thinking hip flexors to be long and strong.

Some of the moves I’ve done much more by repetition and measurable form, less by worded instruction. That’s just me.

Also, bottom 1/4 reps will really help you “feel it”. 2 x 20 per side is used in ATG Pro to warm for squats (ATG Split Squats). You could even do that 2 x 20 bottom-only reps before loading split squats. 5 x 5 w/ 5-sec pauses in bottom position also works great to get used to the movement

I’d say the pauses are more effective for mobility and the bottom 1/4 reps more effective for a pump to warm up for a weak knee breakthrough.

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