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Balancing Progression Between Sides


Question for the group. My right knee def has more issues than my left. With the ATG split squat my left is progressing faster. Should I keep progressing my left while my right takes time or should I try to get my right caught up first?


Chris there are 3 ways I’ve seen to do it. But absolutely you don’t let one side progress faster:

1. Simplest: start on the weak. Only match on the strong. Catch up over time.

2. Superset with something for posterior and do: weak, strong, weak again, posterior, repeat. So superset but 2:1 ratio on the weak

3. START on the strong. Then force the weak to match that even if you have to rest-pause to get there.


Right arm external rotator 8 reps 25 pounds, Left arm 4 reps at 25 pounds. Rest 15 seconds, get 2 more, rest 15 seconds, 2 more.

This MAY force the weaker side to catch up since clearly it’s receiving more damage (in a good way) than the stronger side If you can’t even lift the same weight on the weaker side, use an amount you can. So per the above example maybe: strong side 15 x 12 reps, weak side 6 reps, 15 sec rest, 4 reps, 15 sec rest, 2 reps.

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