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Basketball Coach Seeks Warm-Up Routine Advice

Gunnar Sverrisson, [25/08/2023 10:43]

Hello ATG Family and fellow Coaches. I am working with a pro Basketball Team here in my country.

Season starts soon and part of my job is getting them warmed up for games.

I am creating a routine (maybe 30 - 40 minutes).

Would love to hear if anyone here has thoughts / ideas about how to best go about this.

Feel free to share your experience,

Best regards,

Coach G

Ben Patrick, [26/08/2023 01:21]

Gunnar my biggest goals when coaching a basketball team:

1. Improve the ATG Split Squat

2. Improve the ATG Squat

Those will make-break whether it’s a massive success!

Everything else is easy to work in by comparison. Those two take a really supreme coach to get improvement on a whole team.

Good luck! 🔥🫡

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