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Basketball Training: Prioritizing Weaknesses


I have a question: let’s say for basketball as the example, do you play basketball everyday on top of your days when you exercise (and aside from rest days)? Or do you usually play on certain days for optimal performance/reduced chances of injury?

One of the things that I can’t grasp is frequency/volume/intensity altogether, so I’m wondering if it’s better to have days where it’s only dedicated to strength training and days only dedicated to practicing a sport, or it’s good to do both where you’re training say basketball drills and such everyday.

Not sure if I asked that so it’s understandable, will definitely rephrase if needed!


Philip much like ATG, prioritize the weakest link! In basketball that’s usually the knees and jumping for hardworking players. So for an off season transformation I usually use:

-Once per week one on one battle

-Once per week full court

That’s it. 2 days on the court. However, I use daily skills until baseline drills are met. Here is an example of a baseline skill:

So for most players this would take a full off-season of daily work. But it’s balanced and low impact. So just like ATG, prioritize the weakest link!

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