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Ben Patrick's Current Programming

Samuel Napp, [03/06/2023 23:08]

@Kneesovertoesguy Thank you! Any details you can share about your current programming?

Ben Patrick, [03/06/2023 23:12]

During week: ATG Basics. Plus, I tend to play with weak points or desired gain points on days off, and Sunday plyo sessions.

Tomorrow: Sled test. Squat with Connor - world’s best jumper in my opinion - he does deep squats with chains before dunk sessions lol. Sprint as fast as I can on Air Runner. Hoops. Full Dunk session after, aiming for about 10 dunks off each of the 4 plants

I’m excited to get new air runner model at HQ. I think if you hit your limit, rest, do it again, wow. All-out sprints are unreal.

Beginners should limit to 3 max efforts, I think. More is extreme chance of hamstring or rectus femoris strain for people not used to sprinting.

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