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Ben Patrick's Philosophy on Flexibility and Strength

Eric Malitz, [11/09/2023 02:34]

Awesome thanks, haven’t seen this


-For those of us who just seem chronically tight, is the philosophy in this flexibility program still the same? I know there is talk of risk with regard to this kind of long static stretching when not paired with the strengthening component. Would you say this protocol is good as long as we’re pairing with a strength component (loaded calf raises, split squat, incline pigeon, seated GM respectively) once per week?

Ben Patrick, [11/09/2023 02:45]

@ericmalitz I don’t actually have a passion for flexibility… I have a deep interest in bulletproofing the body. That happens to benefit greatly from STRENGTH through full range, as a byproduct, this increases flexibility. But how much will vary from person to person based on many factors. If you’re stiffer than the norm, my passion is still just increasing your strength through range, over time. How many years have you been doing strength through length exercises?

Eric Malitz, [11/09/2023 04:07]

I think I started ATG late 2020. But I’ll say it took me a long time to embrace the principles of not forcing things. I have constantly taken steps backwards (no pun intended) because, I guess, of rushing the process.

Anyway what you say makes sense.

Ben Patrick, [11/09/2023 18:04]

@ericmalitz extra stretching may help! As you said, combined with strength work through full range. But I guess my overall viewpoint is not to be worried about your range, and rather to think about training strength through length as the more important concept, not stressing where your range stacks up relative to others… Over time that usually works best compared to forcing things. But if you feel better and make better progress with extra stretching, then by all means, feel free to do it.

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