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Ben Patrick's Strategic Workout Plan

Ben Patrick, [23/03/2023 18:30]

My Strategic Workout Plan


1. ATG Split Squat

2. Seated GM

3. RDL


1. Ultra-controlled full squat w/ chains

2. Loaded Triple Flexion to Failure


1. Backward Sprint

2. Forward Sprint

3. Maasai Jump

4. Bound


1. Backward Sled

2. Zero

Food for thought.

I forgot to add upper body lmao. That would make a nice 5th session

I’m only thinking how to make a guaranteed off season transformation. That would be a valuable recipe for an athlete. (Would vary by athlete and sport)

Best thing about Zero for athletes - in my opinion - is the high rep lower leg work, which otherwise gets badly skipped or isn’t cool enough to get into. Zero makes it kinda cool to get stronger at high reps in the lower legs.

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