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Ben Patrick's Thoughts on True Hack Squat

Geoff Reed, [03/10/2022 00:25]

Ben, what are your current thoughts on the true Hack squat?

I’ve been using it recently because I have a hip flexor injury and front and back squats bother it. The true Hack squat doesn’t compress that hip flexor area in the same way for me, and I can do it without pain.

Just curious why you took it out of the Standards program?

Ben Patrick, [03/10/2022 04:08]

Geoff super badass! Very advanced move. I just like how step ups, split squats, and posterior chain work has structural balance targets. With the True Hack Squat, I’m not sure exactly how to progress it long term. And from Petersen Step Ups and ATG Lunges, I’m getting many secondary benefits in addition to VMO. Still a big fan of Hack Squat but not enough to be training it myself.

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