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Ben Patrick's Weekly Body Battleplan

Ben Patrick, [17/05/2023 17:23]

Here’s my current weekly battleplan for my body. In my head I know what each layer means, so I’ll explain to you below… Weekly BP:

1. Squat Strength

2. Zero Lower Leg

3. Loaded Mobility

4. Zero Core & Upper

5. Shoulders

It’s like a hierarchy I customized for my body. Squat is ideally with chains, 8 x 3-5. This means get 5, MUST add weight, only 3 perfect reps = decrease. 4 = stay the same.

This is first on my list because if I squat full depth, with intent, dunking is super easy and that’s my most crucial asset long-term BUT… as my squat goes up, I tend to get shin splints, etc. from my lower legs not being able to handle the force

Additionally, 3 times in a gym per week is what’s realistic for me. Lots of travel, teaching, family time, etc.

Zero lower leg means I can crush Tib, FHL, KOT, usually 3 sets of 25 each! This harnesses my squat strength.

Loaded Mobility means split squats, seated GMs, J curls, etc.

The fact I can demo front splits any day, childlike squat mobility, this is also huge for me in teaching how ATG works.

Zero Core and Upper means L-Sit, Bridge, Neck Bridge, which I can do from the living room floor while playing with the kids.

Shoulders are a weak point for me, so making sure I keep working on them in various ways is a final reminder for myself.

The squat session seems ideal for throwing knee flexion in. I like to train knee flexion hard once a week. Mastering Nordics has paid off so well for my knees.

Hope this helps a coach out there who finds their AMAZING training plan… isn’t realistic to follow.

Maybe try making your own checklist in order of importance for your body right now.

A couple unexpected benefits:

1. Opens up time for extra business mastery. I’m used to 5 days “in the gym” - but at 3 days, it opens up my mind and time more for the business side, not to mention it creates more family time.

2. I look forward to my training more! It’s not a drag. It’s a reward. Extra recovery. Then I find myself training extra hard!

This isn’t intended for everyone but may be useful for coaches who are so busy helpful others, you find yourself bummed at your personal progress. Try a list in order of importance. 🫡

YES, the cheat code isn’t “just squat” or “don’t squat” - the cheat code is increasing force into ground WHILE MAKING YOURSELF A BULLETPROOF FREAK. I use steps 2-5 to make shins, knees and lower back near impossible for me to hurt. And step 1 also happens to make the knees more bulletproof.

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