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Benefits of Deep Squats for Knees

Zac Ansaldo, [07/07/2023 19:55]

Good afternoon everyone! I am pretty new here but loving everything I read and listened to so far. I think I may be missing the mark a little bit trying to explain the benefits to a new client who, from years of yoga and training ideas from 20+ years ago, has been taught to believe squatting below 90 degrees is not good for her. What articles or short YouTube videos will summarize this best for her as I continue learning and hopefully improve my ability to explain of the idea of knees over toes?

Ben Patrick, [07/07/2023 21:09]

Zac I save the study on me that explains how deep squats actual prevent knee degradation…


Know this by heart. I can recite the last few sentences pretty close to verbatim. If someone is scared of full range because of “science” - SHOW THEM THE UP TO DATE SCIENCE! It all backs ATG, from training backward, to deep squats.

Lack of ATG split squat usually means discomfort in ATG squat due to lifetime of accumulated issues. So it’s understandable why someone wouldn’t like something uncomfortable. Still better to live a life of discomfort than running from it. But it’s even better to master your craft.

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