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Benefits of Reverse Hyper and Horizontal Back Extension

Eric Malitz, [08/08/2023 16:46]

Reverse hyper and horizontal back extension- unique/essential benefits versus 45 degree back extension?

Ben Patrick, [09/08/2023 03:40]

@ericmalitz greater strength in the extended (short) range. Relates to horizontal jumping and top-end speed.

This is getting into detailed training. Example: squats with chains for jumping are awesome but Stefan Holm still won Olympic gold in high jump using deep squats, no chains.

Is reverse hyper or 90-degree ideal in your rotation? YES.

Could you still achieve world class results with getting strong AF on 45? Definitely.

ALSO 🚨 Barbell on back is quite short range due to the leverage. Moreso than holding a plate or dumbbells. Does that make sense?

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