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Best Methods for Knee Flexion Exercises

Martin Paradine, [15/07/2023 05:17]

@Kneesovertoesguy have you ever experimented with using a stability ball or TRX/suspension trainer for ham curls? Pretty accessible for most people. They both also allow 2-up-1-down.

Ben Patrick, [15/07/2023 05:19]

Martin I also didn’t like those myself. I like stuff for knee flexion where you can really lock in and exert your strength. Knee flexion is SUPER strong. So I believe it needs methods where you can exert, and that’s why I’ve avoided all the sort of stability type of knee flexion, which I think is fine as general exercise but not for transforming ability.

That’s just my opinion on knee flexion.

Knee flexion = need method where you can safely exert strength without interference

Hence why I also stopped using MonkeyFoot ham curls, etc.

Nordics, Ham Curl Machine, and I’d approve of cable or band for high reps to exhaustion.

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