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Best program for wrists?


General question: between 

-this wrist/elbow article you linked, 

-the 30-day “wrist bulletproofing” protocol (all 6 exercises every day), 

-the actual current wrist protocol program on the app (which is prescribed MWF), 

what is the general approach for knowing which programming is best here? Dependent on rehab versus prevention/bulletproofing? Just experimenting? 

My own current experiment for rehabbing wrist/forearm/elbow- after seeing some of Keegan’s short/long range stuff- is frequent (daily) light short range work (for blood flow) and occasional (once per week) long range exercises/variations.


@ericmalitz I don’t think there’s an overall “best” but there’s probably a “best” for your schedule and goals. Rotating wrist/grip exercises to different ones each day is the most effective I’ve seen! But that takes a bit of a lifestyle to remember to do so, and you need a variety of implements.

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