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Body type and practice for one-foot jumping

@EdwinBona, [14/04/2023 02:08]

What exercises do people recommend specifically for one foot jumping?

Ben Patrick, [14/04/2023 03:10]

@Edwinbona great question…

My answer is not actually what exercise! But what body type. Meaning what volume. Let’s break it down…

Full squat would be my usual answer for increasing two-foot jump. YET STEFAN HOLM ALSO USED FULL SQUAT! Best one foot jumper of all time. BUT… Check out his upper body, TINY. Main difference between ELITE one foot and two foot is upper body strength and PRACTICE.

One foot usually takes more practice due to the speed of the motion. Whereas two foot you can power up and go out and fly sometimes.

That’s “usually”. If you grew up one foot jumping, it may already be natural. But what actual proof do we have?????

NEVER a jacked high jumper. MANY jacked two foot jumpers. Truth gets pretty simple. Those are the two biggest differences. Upper body mass and practice

You can be great at both, too. But you probably don’t want to be MAX one foot otherwise you have a tiny upper body. Compare Olympic sprinters to Olympic high jumpers. What do you see?

So you could take the EXACT same exercises and make an Olympic sprinter or elite two foot jumper or elite one foot jumper, based on volume. Vertical more knee extension, horizontal more knee flexion.

So also depends are you trying to jump higher off one, or farther off one. NFL players often have higher standing verticals than Stefan Holm

“Greatest jumper ever” I GUARANTEE couldn’t dunk off vert like I do and many other ATGers do. Posterior chain would have to be bigger. He may have been close thanks to his squat. But point is, he was the “best jumper ever”. Well actually MJ probably was, if you add one foot and two foot.

Richest athletes in world usually have most balance of all qualities, not specialist in one. Lebron JACKED and flies but compare to high jumpers, TINY uppers. But Lebron’s legs still have some good proportion! His legs are HUUUUUGE.

So I say. Don’t be a specialist lol! @Edwinbona you can have it all brother 🔥

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