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Building Stronger Achilles and Lower Legs

Joe Erlic, [11/08/2023 17:01]

Makes me think though if the same movements that injury you have the potential to make you stronger perhaps adapting to running/bounding down a hill backward in regressed form would allow you to have killer soleus/Achilles.

Ben Patrick, [12/08/2023 01:58]

@joeerlic just like the knee, I believe the Achilles is up against the ability equation. But powering up a knee doesn’t guarantee a protected Achilles…

I think seated calf machines may be even more important than I originally anticipated. The reason is that knee ability training done right leads to progressive overload and stronger quads… but that should to be accompanied by progressive overload and stronger lower legs. The more barbell squat goes up… the more seated calf should go up, in my opinion.

Joe Erlic, [12/08/2023 19:39]

@Kneesovertoesguy This makes sense. Scaling knee/Achilles ability in proportion.

Thought experiment. And I’m just spit balling but hear me out.

Would walking backwards downhill prepare you for seated calf raises by providing you with the same gentle blood flow stimulus that walking backwards uphill prepares you for the Poliquin step up? The main difference would be 100’s of repetitions compared to 10’s

Ben Patrick, [13/08/2023 00:48]

@joeerlic any regression is fine. For best results I look for scalability and progressive overload. So going downhill backward… well here at ATGHQ there are no good hills lol! And I can use a seated calf machine at ANY level. Because you can do them manually if you’re super duper weak, and a machine has infinite loading…

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