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Building to Dips with Full Range Push Ups

Ali Lila, [21/08/2023 22:58]

QQ: working on the ATG dip for L1 cert. what’s the regression look like for this? Can do the eccentric, but need to work on pushing back up :)

Ben Patrick, [21/08/2023 23:22]

Ali I’ve always used full range push ups to build to full range dips. When full range push up is easy enough, can do dips.

But any regression is welcomed. I try to stick with the simplest and most productive ones. At 20 full range push ups, I feel comfortable working a client on dips. Not before.

Joel Eric Pinto, [22/08/2023 05:36]

Any weight % relative to body weight before starting dips ?

Ben Patrick, [22/08/2023 18:54]

Joel Eric I just use 20 full range push ups… then dips.

@MarilynMac I’m a strong believer in really nailing the basic of something before stressing about more advanced versions.

But I don’t mind any exploring someone wants to do. Want to try dips? Go for it. But I don’t believe in stressing about dips until 20 full range push ups is solid, at which point you can probably do a few nice dips.

For women, I consider dip a more elite goal. Alissa (my wife) merely works on full push ups. Once we are out of diaper stage with the kids, she plans to explore greater abilities.

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